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Board of Directors Keeps GMI on Track GMI Connection - Issue 3 : Article 6

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nl3-6.jpgBoard of Directors keeps GMI on Track

The GMI Board of Directors is responsible for directing and monitoring all aspects of GMI's organizational life and ministry. They make sure we accomplish the right goals, making a strong positive difference in the lives of church and mission leaders around the world. And they ensure that in the process we do everything within carefully articulated spiritual, ethical, legal and financial boundaries. In short, they make sure we stay on track.


The Board consists of godly men and women committed to GMI and to the fulfillment of God's mission in the world. They represent a healthy mix of professionals with both ministry (missions, research, mapping, technology) expertise and corporate (management, fundraising, accounting, legal) expertise. They bring tremendous wisdom to the leadership of GMI.


The current members of GMI's Board of Directors include the following:

Roger Conover.jpg

Roger Conover (Treasurer)

Professor in the School of

Business and Managment at

Azusa Pacific University


Scott Moreau (Secretary)

Professor in the Intercultural

Studies Department at Wheaton



David Dougherty

Leadership Coach with the

mission agencies OMF

International and WorldTeam


Jane Overstreet (Chair)

President/CEO of Development

Associates International, an

international Christian leadership

development organization


Debbie Farrar

CEO of Thrive Communities

housing developments for high-

functioning disabled individuals


Joseph Vijayam

Managing Director of Olive

Technology, an information

technology services organization

based in India

Jon Lewis.jpg

Jon Lewis

Former President/CEO of Partners

International, a ministry that

supports indigenous church

leaders in the developing world

bob waymire.jpg

Bob Waymire (Founder)

President of LIGHT International,

serving the worldwide Body of

Christ in mobilization, research

and analysis

home page mike.png

Mike O'Rear

President/CEO of GMI


We praise God for the commitment and sacrificial service of our Board of Directors. They provide wise, godly, prudent leadership and accountability for GMI, and they ensure that all contributions are used effectively in fulfilling GMI's mission. We would appreciate your prayers for these individuals as they provide leadership to GMI.


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