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Custom Mapping Services Visualize Least-reached Peoples GMI Connection - Issue 5 : Article 2

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nl5-2.jpgCustom Mapping Services Visualize Least-reached Peoples

A Christian film ministry wanted to re-evaluate their strategy in Central America to engage with the least evangelized peoples. They knew where their missionaries were. They also knew about a map of people groups published by the Global Research department of the International Mission Board (IMB).What they did not know was how those two factors related to each other. The film ministry wanted to see these two pieces of information on the same map. GMI's Custom Mapping service was an ideal partner to assist in visualizing the mission context.


With long-standing relationships with mission data providers such as the IMB, GMI is able to bring together various information sources on clear, relevant maps. As an initial step, GMI consulted with the IMB and the film ministry to determine the best way to use and present the people group data. Second, GMI was able to plot the locations of the missionaries that serve in the film ministry, presenting the Gospel by using the Jesus Film and other movies.


Most often, when people see a map of their data, they ask for additional information to be displayed. Visualization often results in greater curiosity about other variables as well as deeper understanding.In this case, the film ministry asked for some simple additions, such as the town nearest to the people groups displayed, as well as the people group names. It was decided that people groups that were lower on the 'evangelization status' scale would be shown.


In the sample map, the missionary locations are marked by hollow circles with a black outline, with labels in black text. These are sample locations and have been changed to protect privacy. The people group locations and population are in brown text, and nearby cities to the people groups are in gray text. With visualization such as this, the film ministry was able to present the locations of its missionaries to the Board of Directors and make strategy concerning engaging with the least-evangelized peoples.


If you would like to discuss a custom-mapping idea to benefit your ministry, please contact us.


Below is a cropped preview of the map we created. You can view/download the entire map (157 MB) for free by clicking the image below:



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