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GMI Speakers Help Audiences Expand Their Grasp of God’s Work Around the Globe GMI Connection - Issue 5 : Article 5

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nl5-5.jpgGMI speakers help audiences expand their grasp of God's work around the globe

The students crowded into the classroom during Biola's Student Mission Conference last month. Those who didn't arrive early enough to find a chair took their seats on the floor—or spilled into the hallway.


They came to hear a GMI staffer talk about fruitful practices in mission work among resistant peoples.


The same week, in Texas, a group of mission leaders listened to GMI's missiologist, Stan Nussbaum, explain how the concept of "vulnerable mission" fits into the broader scope of mission.


A month earlier, 9,000 miles away, 120 national workers listened as a GMI Vice President's words on effective church-planting principles were translated, phrase by phrase, into Hindi.


GMI's primary work is listening, not speaking. But over time as we listen and learn we realize that we have valuable information and perspectives to share, and audiences ready to hear. Some of the groups we have spoken to in recent months and years include:

  • European mission leaders eager to engage immigrant communities
  • Missionary recruiters learning how to develop more effective web sites
  • Indonesian church planters learning to measure their activities against established standards
  • Foundation board members considering on how global trends can inform grant-making priorities
  • Future missionaries learning how to plan in advance to avoid becoming ex-missionaries
  • Local church leaders seeking global perspective on the advance of God's kingdom
  • Mission aviators exploring how their ministries can adapt to changing conditions
  • A junior high Sunday school class discovering how to live as "aliens and strangers" in the world
  • U.S. mission leaders watching a webinar about using online tools to listen to key audiences

If you or someone you know is involved in planning a conference, a training seminar, a staff retreat, a mission festival or another mission-oriented event, consider inviting a GMI staff member to speak or to conduct a half-day or full-day seminar. We're not expensive; we keep the focus on God's work; we keep audiences engaged with the material through interactive exercises; and we're glad to tailor material to the needs of your team or group. Drop us a note to let us know about your dates, audience, and topics of interest.


Connecting with new audiences leads to many interesting conversations—and sometimes new projects and collaborations. After the talk at Biola, we met a journalism major who is enthusiastic about gathering and sharing stories of God's work around the world—a perfect person to help transcribe Fruitful Practice Research interviews with church planters talking about what God has done in difficult settings.


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