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GMI Seeks a New Senior Leader GMI Connection - Issue 6 : Article 1

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nl6-2.jpgGMI Board Looks Toward the Future

Encouraged by reports of GMI's healthy financial status and ongoing ministry projects, the GMI board of directors turned its focus to the organization's future leadership during its June 1-2 board meeting. The board's actions included the announcement of a global search process for a new president and CEO.


"Under Mike O'Rear's leadership, GMI became well known for excellent, consistent, servant-hearted work that directly impacts and improves field ministry," said board chair Jane Overstreet. "We look forward to welcoming new leadership that will continue to advance GMI's reputation for innovative, collaborative research."


The board is on track to ensure that new leadership is in place by fall 2012.


Resumes have been received from several potential candidates. Additional candidates may also be considered. The new CEO will have a Christ-like attitude, commitment to GMI's mission and vision, an advanced degree, organizational leadership and fundraising experience, relationships in the global mission community, and a learning spirit. A full job description is available here. Recommendations may be directed to the CEO search committee of the GMI Board.


Upon appointment of a new CEO, Acting President Bill Dickson intends to resume his key role as GMI's Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. The GMI board and staff extend their deep appreciation to Bill for his faithful, capable, steady hand at the helm of the organization during its recent season of transition.


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