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nl7-1.jpgThe Future is for Sharing

GMI is excited to announce the release of The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection.


The print edition of Patrick Johnstone's expansive look at the past, present and projected future of the global church looks great in your home, church or office. The ebook, from GMI, makes the content portable and accessible. Now the digital collection gives you new ways to share this inspiring, informative content with others.


The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection provides exportable graphics, videos of Patrick, slide presentations and spreadsheets from the book's source data. Generous re-use rights encourage communicators to share Patrick's insightful material with others.


Of the digital collection, Patrick Johnstone says,

The Future of the Global Church was designed to be largely electronic. My original desire was to make available the tools for mobilization and research for others to use. These represent the decades of research, development of the unique databases for Operation World, and the visual materials that make this information more motivational. To me it represents my final major hand-over of the "apostolic" baton for another generation to use and develop.

The digital collection helps you to bring an expanded vision of the world to your small group, church, organization or event. The Future of the Global Church explains scenarios and challenges that will impact Christians over the next half century, along with key issues in the unfinished task of reaching 12,000 people groups with the Gospel.


Reviewer Eddie Olliffe writes of The Future of the Global Church:

This book means we no longer have any excuse to not understand the complexities, needs and opportunities of the planet which we call home and its people whom God created and loves. All praying individuals should purchase a copy and keep it alongside their Bible and newspaper. In my view, this is a 'must read' for all Christians but especially for those with any kind of responsibility in Church leadership.

Through The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection, church and mission leaders will enjoy full access to more than 60 presentations, with the ability to use slides – and any of the 400-plus graphics in the book – in their own presentations. Here is one example, a graph showing the historical progress – and projected near-term future – of world evangelization. The various colors show the proportion of the world population who are professing Christians, evangelized non-Christians, and unevangelized.


FGC graph.jpg


Students and faculty will find the spreadsheet data invaluable for doing research by country, region, faith group or other demographics. Prayer leaders and news watchers will find the ebook's search function useful in connecting the events of the day to broader trends. Small groups will enjoy the videos through which Patrick puts the information into context with his clear, approachable style.


Upon purchasing the digital collection, users will receive immediate access to all of the graphics files, PowerPoint presentations with speaker's notes, and the eBook. Links to videos, spreadsheets and more material will be made available to all purchasers of the digital collection as it is produced. Our focus is on downloadable content, but purchasers who wish to have a copy of all of the files on a DVD-ROM will have the option of receiving a copy (in Fall 2012) for the cost of shipping and handling.


For more information or to order The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection for yourself or someone you know, go to


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