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When Money Talks, Hearing Partners can be Difficult. Research Helps. GMI Connection - Issue 7 : Article 4

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nl7-4.jpgWhen Money Talks, Hearing Partners can be Difficult. Research Helps.

Bringing together people from different cultures and with differing perspectives can be a challenge. When the issue is money, the potential for misunderstanding and discord grows.


To reduce potential friction between those providing funds and those carrying out ministry, the Lausanne Standards initiative was created. The idea was to identify and articulate shared values and best practices in financial partnerships. With greater understanding, ministry implementers and funders grow in mutual respect and in their ability to collaborate. This enables money to be used more effectively with less conflict.


GMI was honored to conduct research to help the Lausanne committee listen to multiple groups and discover common ground. The interviews and survey were a foundational part of the initiative, as this entertaining whiteboard video illustrates:

Rob Martin, Lausanne Senior Associate for Global Philanthropy, said, "I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the work you have put in bringing the Standards to this place."


Rob graciously allowed us to share some of the detailed findings from the research with others. To learn more about the "four attitudes" toward mission funding partnerships identified through the work, read this post on the GMI Research Blog.


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