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GMI Returns to its Roots with Relocation to OC Building GMI Connection - Issue 8 : Article 3

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nl8-3.jpgGMI Returns to its Roots with Relocation to OC Building

The year was 1982. OC International's Director of Research and Planning envisioned computerized mapping as a tool for the Christian mission enterprise.


"I had just come from helping Patrick Johnstone in England cut overlays from colored acetate to depict people group status on maps," said Bob Waymire, the OC researcher. "At the West Coast Computer Faire, I saw a now-simplistic demonstration in which shapes drawn on a 'graphic tablet' appeared on a computer monitor and were filled in with color."


Shortly after, a young Silicon Valley tech worker named Bill Dickson appeared at OC's offices and asked, "Is there any need for techies or computer nerds in missions?" Bob soon had Bill, Pete Holzmann and a team of others writing code. When OC's Jim Montgomery presented a prototype map at a conference in Guatemala a few months later, it marked the first known use of computerized mapping in global mission.


In 1983 OC gave Bob a leave of absence to pursue the technology project that grew into GMI. Bill later returned to become Vice President of Research and Development, while Pete served several terms on the board of directors.


This month, those historic ties have been renewed, as GMI moves its offices into the OC International building in Colorado Springs.


"Since the early years of OC's ministry, our strategy has been to use research and information to challenge the Church at all levels to align with what God is doing around the world," said Ray Sanford, Executive Vice President of OC International. "Therefore, it is with real joy that we welcome GMI into our building. Over the years, we have partnered with GMI in a variety of projects, resulting in a much greater impact for the Kingdom. Now, a shared environment may produce spontaneous interactions leading to even greater partnership and impact for both organizations," Sanford said.


GMI enjoyed the blessing of many such "spontaneous interactions" during its four-year tenancy at David C. Cook's corporate headquarters. However, with Cook making room for new staff due to acquisitions, GMI and other tenants needed to find new homes. GMI expresses great appreciation to David C. Cook for its hospitality and looks forward to an equally positive experience at OC.


Please note that GMI's mailing address remains the same (PO Box 63719, Colorado Springs, CO 80962), as does our main phone number (719-531-3599) and all staff phone extensions.


During the first half of October, we appreciate your patience should you experience a slight delay in communication response or product shipping. We welcome your prayers for a smooth transition and the continued cultivation of the innovative spirit that led to our founding.


Once the dust settles, we will look forward to welcoming visitors to our new location in the 5700 block of North Union Blvd. Come see us—and our OC friends—when you are in Colorado Springs!


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