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Launching out together GMI Connection - Issue 9 : Article 1

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nl9-1.jpgLaunching Out Together

It has been thrilling to engage with our GMI partners and family around the world as our new president, Jon Hirst, has joined the team. One of the most tangible ways that many friends of GMI have been able to join in is through the Presidential Launch Fund. This Fund was set up by outgoing interim President Bill Dickson as a way of funding a key time of transition for GMI.


We have had a wonderful response to the Fund and to this point have raised $65,010 of the $100,000 goal. Our hope is to have the entire amount raised before the end of January 2013, our defined transition time.


So far we have been able to accomplish the following key objectives:

  1. Beginning to reorganize our team and our roles for a new season of ministry 
  2. Defining our 2013 focus and beginning to articulate it clearly (more on this coming in January)
  3. Engaging with our key ministry partners to help GMI continue building relationships and plan for the future
  4. Designing new ways to work together in order to continue developing innovative products and resources for the global mission community.

Without these things accomplished, we would not be ready to launch into 2013 with a vision for how GMI can serve in God's Kingdom. But there is still more to do. If you believe in what GMI is doing and want to engage with us in discovering what it means to make Spirit-led decisions, then we would encourage you to join us in giving to the Presidential Launch Fund. Click here to make a donation today.


Our hope is that as you receive this eNewsletter, engage with our resources and partner with us in giving, that we can together learn to make decisions that bring glory to the Kingdom.


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