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Future Missionaries Review Agency Websites GMI Connection - Issue 9 : Article 2

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nl9-2.jpgFuture Missionaries Review Agency Websites

Every day, people who are considering long-term cross-cultural service will visit sending agency websites and social media pages. A few quick clicks can inspire them to bookmark a site, tweet about it to friends or complete an inquiry form. Or it can lead them to a quick exit.


Next month, GMI will field the 2013 Agency Web Review, in which hundreds of future missionaries will explore and give feedback on dozens of sending agency web sites. The study draws on GMI's opt-in panel of more than 3,000 people who have confirmed that they are considering a career in cross-cultural mission.


In anticipation of the survey, GMI is blogging about key takeaways from the first edition of the study in 2004, which received more than 500 responses. Be sure to check out posts that reveal:

  • The percentage of prospective missionaries that visited agency web sites
  • The most common mistake in agency website design, as reflected by the lowest average rating across all sites 
  • How the highest-rated sites positioned their agency's service requirements
  • Verbatim comments revealing the voices of future missionaries as they praise some website elements and offer suggestions for improving others
  • What prospects said they are most interested in seeing when they visit an agency website
  • The emotional elements of a site that are consistently linked to follow-through actions: revisiting, recommending and pursuing next steps
  • Why prospects are attracted to agencies that are "like them" in some ways and "unlike them" in others

World Gospel Mission was among the agencies that found the 2004 survey helpful in refocusing their web strategy. Said current WGM Vice President of Communications Kristi Crisp:


The World Gospel Mission website is a completely different site now. We changed our focus to getting people actually going...whether with our organization or with somebody else.

We hope that many agencies will take the opportunity to register for the 2013 edition of the Agency Web Review, which will feature new material about the role of social media in the process of exploring agencies and opportunities.


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