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Opening Eyes through Visual Data GMI Connection - Issue 12 : Article 1

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Opening Eyes through Visual Data


In a world of ever-increasing data and constantly decreasing attention, how do you as a person on mission sift through the vast expanses of information? One of the realities that GMI faces is the fact that many of us simply close our eyes at the dizzying array of content that flies by us each day.

Literacy Infographic

However, if we have our eyes closed then we are likely to miss the very things God wants us to observe, process and act upon. The objective is not to be overwhelmed by the data. It is to identify and process the right information at the right time for the right purpose. “Just-in-time” information is what God brings to you at the moment when you need to make a decision in your ministry.

GMI understands this great challenge strives to develop resources that provide “just-in-time” data that God can use to help Kingdom workers make Spirit-led decisions. As a result of our Ministry Decision Support Initiative (MDSI) study done in 2012, we identified several key products and services that GMI believes will help Kingdom workers use information within their decision-making.


The first one of those to launch is called Missiographics—GMI’s infographics service. This innovative approach to presenting data allows ministry staff to engage with key mission data in creative and eye-catching ways. By presenting the data in creatively designed formats, GMI is hoping to open people’s eyes to the realities behind the data, give people something powerful to share with others and help people make decisions about their ministry.


Missiographics will have two main components. The first will be a bi-monthly newsletter featuring a GMI-developed infographic. These infographics will be on a variety of mission subjects and will come with application for individuals, their churches and their ministries. The second will be a custom infographics service. This will allow ministries and individuals who want custom infographics developed using their data to engage with GMI to develop those data visualizations.


GMI is hoping that this new service will be a significant help in mobilizing people for mission and  facilitating decision-making for those already on mission.


If you face mission critical decisions on a regular basis, sign up for the Missiographics eNewsletter by visiting



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