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The Three Minute Difference GMI Connection - Issue 12 : Article 3

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The Rescuer by Stan Nussbaum


AWR_HappyGirl.jpgWhether I am at home in the Midwest or traveling around the world (Chennai, India as I write this), I hear people bemoaning the same lack of discipleship in the church. Many converts, even those who become regular attenders at a church, never become mature disciples.


My theory is that this is largely due to the way the gospel was presented to them in the first place. The converts don’t realize they are supposed to grow in Christ because they never were helped to realize who they are in Christ. They only know they changed from unsaved to saved, and that does not put anybody on the path of discipleship.


What to do about it? Explain the good news as a story. Though the story we have to tell is the whole biblical story, it has to be short enough that ordinary believers can learn it and tell it to themselves every morning when they wake up or at the end of every stress-filled day, constantly getting their lives back into sync with it. It has to be clear enough that we can tell it to our kids or grandkids, shaping their lives. It has to be interesting enough that we can share it with colleagues or friends when they are curious about our lives and ready to hear about what makes us tick.


Please see and comment on my current attempt at this story, “Sneak Previews of a World at Peace.” If that is how we see ourselves, we must be real disciples and not superficial converts.