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Jo Farney - GMI Team Profile GMI Connection - Issue 12 : Article 4

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Meet Jo Farney

Accounting Supervisor/Project Coordinator

GMI Team Member since May 2013

There are many things we could highlight about GMI Team member Jo Farney—like the immense discipline and perseverance she built while being a top cross country runner in Colorado when she attended Doherty High School or the skills she developed while co-owning a technology and marketing company for four years.


But we want to highlight something seemingly small that brings big impact and blessing to the ministry of Global Mapping International and the mission community as a whole. Take a look at the slash in her title. That small punctuation mark represents a very special set of talents and skills that God has been developing in Jo over her life and career.


It is not often that you find a multi-talented person that fits a particular need at a particular time—unless God is involved. God is famous for filling impossible needs with his special creations—think of Esther. He did something similar for GMI last spring when he led Jo Farney to the ministry through a series of seemingly coincidental relationships. GMI was in need of someone with detail and accounting skills as well as project management and marketing backgrounds—and Jo was God-fit for the task.


In addition to filling a role that might take two or three different people with varying skill sets, Jo’s personal mission aligns well with the mission of GMI as a whole. Just as GMI resources the mission community with tools to accomplish the tasks God sets before his people, so Jo is in the habit of resourcing those she works with at GMI to accomplish the goals in front of them. We could say that as GMI is to the mission world, so Jo is to GMI.


“I’m part of the means that helps the GMI team get to their ends. By providing tools, I help people stay on top of reaching their project goals,” she comments. “GMI is a mission organization that has the tools to help. Through data, mapping and resources, GMI is helping people who have God’s call to reach the world.”


We are immensely grateful to God for bringing someone to the ministry that embodies the diverging talents GMI needs at this time in God’s plan for the mission community. Please join us in praying for Jo and her family—husband Jerry and son Eli. Pray that God blesses her work and protects her as she follows the call God has on her life.


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