Right Tools Make a Difference GMI Connection Issue 11: Article 1

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Issue 11 - June/July 2013

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Article 11-1Right Tools Make a Difference

What happens when you gain access to the right tools? Your efforts are multiplied! This is what we see happen when we release a new version of the Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS). This very powerful mapping tool allows ministry staff around the world to take quality maps of any country, some of the most significant mission data and their own ministry information and pull them together to visualize what God is doing.


The GMMS is a special package that consists of world-class mapping software called ArcGIS for Desktop (provided by ESRI) and GMI’s unique collection of mission and global datasets. The package also comes with access to the GMMS Community, a global fellowship of Christians committed to using computer mapping resources in direct support of Christian ministry.


“This partnership with ESRI allows GMI to provide the ministry community with the essential combination of a powerful mapping tool, GMI’s ministry-focused datasets, along with ongoing customer support and training opportunities. This new version excites me because of the integration with mobile and web-based platforms that will help take mapping onto the field in new ways,” said Jon Hirst, President of GMI.


The 10.1 version that GMI recently released includes some significant upgrades in access to mapping data from Web, mobile and desktop interfaces. This includes access to 9 premade scalable basemaps, which can provide background for ministry maps. There is more powerful geoprocessing, editing and search tools along with better labeling features.


The datasets that come with the 10.1 version include World Factbook 2012, updates to reflect South Sudan, Ethnologue 15th Edition, UNICEF State of the World’s Children, Operation World 7th Edition, Joshua Project data, People Group Mapping Project data and the Digital Chart of the World.


“The cartographic tools to visualize your data have significantly improved, making for a better customer experience. More options are available for maps on which to build your custom mapping projects and it is simple to find and access data over the Internet,” said Loren Muehlius, GMI’s Senior Cartographer.


To join the GMMS Community and fill out the forms to purchase the GMMS for your ministry visit: /products/gis/gmms/join-the-gmms-community/


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