Seven-City Tour Connects Agency Executives and Church Leaders GMI Connection - Issue 11: Article 3

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Issue 11 - June/July 2013

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Article 11-3Seven-City Tour Connects Agency Executives and Church Leaders

The pastors came from Pittsburgh, Washington and Princeton—all more than a two-hour drive from suburban Philadelphia, where the Missio Nexus event was being conducted. They came to meet mission agency leaders, to gather ideas for working with international churches and to explore resources offered by the Missio Nexus network.

They also came to hear what it feels like to be a mission agency CEO—with perspective provided via a GMI-led survey among more than 150 mission executives.


The scenario that played out in Philadelphia was repeated in six other cities: Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles.  In all, nearly 400 people from 200 organizations took part.  They were challenged and encouraged by keynote speaker Paul Borthwick, whose new book outlines tensions such as the opportunity to humbly acknowledge the leadership of national churches in outreach—while not abandoning direct church-planting efforts among hard-to-reach peoples.


Pastors and mission leaders also discussed questions suggested through the survey of mission leaders.  Their roundtable discussions tackled the following:


Given that mission executives…

…how can they…

...must continually develop resources to succeed under current ministry models...

…also effectively develop, test and implement new models and structures?

…feel less-than-prepared to address issues like staff recruiting/retention & church relationships…

…assess risks and appropriately communicate challenges to staff, donors and board?

…consider the status of fieldworker spirituality and global partnerships to be important…

…develop practical ways to measure them and apply info in decision making?

…appear to have different needs and priorities in the Majority World than in North America…

…show empathy for one another and develop ways to collaborate effectively?


Wondering what turned up in the survey to spark those questions?  On Thursday, July 25, you too can hear what mission executives said about the issues they anticipate will impact their agencies most over the next few years—and which ones they feel more- and less-prepared for.  Register for this Missio Nexus webinar here.


If a month is too long to wait, we encourage you to purchase a copy of the 15-page Navigating Global Currents Executive Summary report ($17.95, or $9.95 for Missio Nexus members).


The full report will be released in September in conjunction with the North American Mission Leaders Conference in Dallas—another event that will bring together leaders from churches and from mission agencies for great discussion.


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