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What is the Connection Point

Each GMI Connection newsletter offers a special resource or promotion. The following is yours to make use of and share.

How to Build Your Own Map

GMI offers an online service to build your own map using Operation World data. Users can select from several different themes, such as countries colored by Percent Christian or Evangelical Growth Rate. You can choose the geographic area to be shown, as well as the color scheme. The map can be exported to be used in other ways, and the tabular data is also available.


Example: a map of Evangelical Christianity in Africa (click on the image to see it larger)


To make a map like this, we zoomed into Africa using the interactive mapping feature on the GMI website. Then, we chose a color scheme. There are many options on the progression of colors, such as this light blue to dark blue scheme. The light blue represents a lower percentage of the country's population that is evangelical Christian, and the darker blue represents a higher percentage that is evangelical.


With this map, one can see the clear difference in evangelical Christian distribution from North Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria, with a population nearly split between Christianity and Islam, is still in the top category of evangelical percentage. Other countries that are relatively close geographically to Nigeria and are in the top evangelical category are Central African Republic, Uganda, and Kenya. Most of the countries in North Africa have evangelical percentages of 2% or less.


Example: a global map of Islam (click on the image to see it larger)


To make a map like this, we kept the zoom level for the map at the default level (the entire world). A green color scheme was used, and one can see clearly the locations of countries with the high percentages of their populations that follow Islam. These countries are mostly located in North Africa, the Middle East, and Indonesia. Islam is more prevalent in Europe than in North and South America, with Muslim majorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.

Start Building Your Map

With the 'Build You Own Map' feature on the GMI website, you can produce informative graphics to enhance presentations and to inform mission strategy. Visit to begin!


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