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What is the Connection Point?

Each GMI Connection newsletter offers a special resource or promotion. The following is yours to make use of and share.

Give the Gift of Insight

When was the last time you gave your church or missionary a present?


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The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection from Patrick Johnstone is packed with powerful insights that visually show where the church has been and where we are headed. Pastors, mission mobilizers, Sunday school teachers, and other church leaders can use the PowerPoint presentations, graphics, and maps to help inspire others to think strategically and engage this generation in spreading the Gospel.


Every one of the 400-plus graphics is a potential conversation starter or sermon illustration. Here's one we're making available as our gift to you—the number and continent of origin of Christian missionaries in 2000 and 2010.




Abbreviations are as follows:

As = Asia
NA = North America
Af = Africa
Pa = Pacific
LA = Latin America (including Caribbean)


Here are just a few of the discussion questions that could emerge from a chart like this:

  • As of 2010 Johnstone estimates that there were approximately 300,000 missionaries around the world. What constitutes a missionary? (This is addressed in the book.) Is the definition different if the missionary is from Asia or Africa instead of the West? Should it be different?
  • In terms of need, how close to "enough" is 300,000 missionaries? From a spiritual perspective, is that a reasonable question to ask? If not, why not? If so, what information would you need to answer the question well? Would knowing the answer make any difference for us?
  • The number of missionaries sent from Africa/Asia/Latin America now exceeds the number from North America/Europe/Pacific. What opportunities might that shift create? What challenges? What could/should this mean for missionaries we send/support? 
  • Johnstone indicates that most of the North American missionary growth is in short-term workers. What are the implications of this for global mission? For long-term missionaries? For our church?

See how a resource like this could stimulate dialogue in your church? We hope it will help your church understand the past, recognize the current dynamics and imagine what might be as we serve God together. Give your church a copy of The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection for Christmas and see where the future takes you.


As you consider giving this resource to those you know in ministry, don't forget to include the missionaries you support. Once purchased, all it takes to access the hundreds of resources found in the Digital Collection is an internet connection, so they can 'take it with them' wherever they go! Additionally, if you know someone in an area with slow or unreliable internet, we also offer the entire collection on a DVD-ROM. This rich collection will help them to engage those around them with the Great Commission need.


Read more about The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection and see samples here.


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