Connection Point 11 Counting the Cost of Sending Missionaries

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Issue 11 - June/July 2013

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Connection Point 11Connection Point: Counting the Cost of Sending Missionaries

In Luke 10, Christ instructed his followers to pray for more workers to be sent into his harvest fields. More workers are always needed from both the Global North and Global South. The benefits are boundless—but the costs are real.


In the recent survey of mission CEOs that GMI fielded on behalf of Missio Nexus, the least-frequently-measured aspect of mission was “return on ministry investment”—though a majority of executives considered the idea valuable.


While measuring spiritual “return” can be difficult, calculating the financial investment involved in sending a first-time cross-cultural field worker is something any ministry can do and is an important first step in making Spirit-guided staff decisions. Still, it takes real effort to work through all of the cost factors involved: mobilization, assessment, pre-field training, travel, support-raising, relocation, onboarding, insurance, administrative support and more.


GMI developed the Launch Tool to provide a step-by-step process to enable agencies to document the full cost of sending a missionary single or couple. This tool enables agencies to better understand their processes and to make well-informed, Spirit-guided decisions about:


  • Allocating staff time and mobilization resources;
  • Developing and retaining staff for a decade of service or more—to the time when they are most likely to see visible results of their work;
  • Communicating accurately with supporters and sending-church partners; and
  • Helping candidates understand the commitment they are making—and the many people who are making it with them.

To see the information needed and purchase this unique tool, click here.


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