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Issue 12 - December 2013
GMI Connection
  Issue 13 – Sept 2014
Thriving People 180 The Engage Study
With such challenging times, it isn’t enough to recruit a missionary. Agencies have to be very intentional about listening to their field staff and serving them well. GMI is committed to helping mission agencies listen to their global field staff and make strategic decisions accordingly. That is why we are launching The Engage Study (first done in 2007). Take a moment to see if this study would benefit your organization and join in on the fun social media contest to help define what “Thriving People = ____________”             read more...

KnowGoFrontCover_180T Know & Go:Informing and Inspiring Global Mission
GMI is excited to be releasing its next major book project in conjunction with our 30th Anniversary celebrations. The book, Know&Go: Informing and Inspiring Global Mission, is a collection of practical, missiological and stories from the field that help anyone trying to integrate research into their missional service. The book will be released November 1. Pre-order it today and receive a 25% discount.  

Ev Christian Missions African Perspective cover 200 tall 2
One of GMI’s great joys is to partner with like-minded research and mapping ministries globally. This group of GMI Associates is a powerful example of GMI’s commitment to partnership. Recently we worked with our associate in South Africa, INSERV, to bring to the global market their latest book on African missions. This unique book, Evangelical Christian Missions, provides insight into African missions efforts from an African perspective. Don’t miss this amazing resource.  read more...

Anniversaries are an exciting time to look back at all God has done and to consider the future of how God is guiding. As GMI celebrates 30 years, we are remembering the countless opportunities we have had to bring light to the decision making in global mission. Visit the GMI 30th Anniversary page to download our 30th Anniversary Edition Annual Report, see a timeline, download our 30th Anniversary Missiographic and sign up to attend on of our 30th Anniversary Celebration Events.   read more...

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