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Take some time to download GMI's latest Executive Summaries on various aspects of Global Mission activity.


Available Reports:

  1. Agency Image and Awareness Study
  2. Decision Support Summary
  3. Engage Executive Summary
  4. FlightPlan Executive Summary

Agency Image and Awareness Study

In 2010 GMI surveyed more than 900 prospective cross-cultural workers about their awareness (aided and unaided) of mission sending agencies. Then, we asked them to characterize agencies they knew about.


Results provide insights into overall awareness, and communication activities that are linked to favorability, and perceived agency segments among prospects.


Report updated for 2013; code names are used for specific agencies to protect their identities.


pdficon_small.gif Download the Agency Image and Awareness Study here. (705 KB)

Decision Support Summary

GMI is committed to listening to those we serve as we support ministry decision-making across the globe. Because of this commitment we have undertaken a research project called the Ministry Decision Support Initiative. The goal of this project was to identify how ministry leaders are seeking out information and making decisions so GMI could better produce programs, products and services to serve them.


To see how we went about this, read the finsihed report below.


pdficon_small.gif Download the Decision Support Summary here. (1,994 KB)

Engage Executive Summary

Engage is an employee satisfaction and retention study conducted among full-time, residential, cross-cultural field workers serving with North American agencies. This report focuses on surveys in 2006 and 2007 of 1,727 active field workers from 18 agencies, along with in-depth qualitative interviews with 53 current and 45 former field workers.


The study reveals benchmark performance measures of North American agencies across 11 dimensions. Notably, results confirmed that field worker satisfaction is positively linked with overall agency retention. Additionally, the study measured the significance and strength of association between field worker retention and performance on several dimensions or organizational performance.


The Engage study was authorized by the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance and was conducted by GMI in partnership with Best Christian Workplaces Institute and Generating Change (UK).


pdficon_small.gif Download the Engage Executive Summary here. (554 KB)

FlightPlan Executive Summary

FlightPlan was a 2004-2007 initiative to document the status and explore the future of mission aviation. Launched from a consultation of missions aviation practitioners, trainers and funders, the three-phase study included vast secondary research along with first-hand surveys and interviews with mission aviation stakeholders and potential aviation service users.


Among the FlightPlan resources is a 184-page research report documenting activities, trends, challenges and opportunities in mission aviation. GMI analysts proposed and described seven viable models for future aviation ministry and four viable models for mission aviator training.


The executive summary is a free download. Additional research materials are available to people directly involved or pursuing mission aviation for the cost of shipping and handling.


pdficon_small.gif Download the FlightPlan Executive Summary here. (68 KB)