The Next 30

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What's in store for the next 30 years?


A look at GMI’s New Direction

As a ministry founded on the cusp of the computer age, GMI is used to change. GMI has made it a priority to be flexible and focused on the needs of the global mission community it serves.


So as we look at a new phase of GMI’s ministry, change does not scare us. But at the same time we are grounded in the same purpose statement we have had since our founding:


GMI is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to

furthering the evangelization of the peoples of the world.


A Shift in Focus

In today’s world where there are countless mapping and research tools and a robust R&D industry churning out new prototypes daily, GMI’s role as the innovation force for strategic research and mapping needs to change.


Today Big Data, research and geographic tools are in high demand and highly valued. But what is a ministry to do once they have collected the data and utilized the tools? There is a growing need for Spirit-led discernment around all of the amazing information that is now available.


GMI sees its role as going beyond the information to empowering ministries as knowledge stewards capable of analyzing, applying and evaluating ministry based on that mission information:

  1. We are committed to using mission information to empower Spirit-led decision making as we walk alongside ministries.

  2. We are committed to helping ministries do Kingdom-centered evaluation of their impact based on what transpired after they made their decision.


GMI’s unique contribution to the global mission community will be the cycle of curating mission information leading to Spirit-led decisions, then culminating in Kingdom-centered evaluation of ministry impact.


Our New Vision and Mission


Vision – What we want the world to look like if God blesses our efforts


A global Christian community that practices knowledge stewardship

to stimulate, shape, and sharpen outreach for Kingdom impact.


Mission – What we will do each day to advance our vision


GMI leverages research and technology to create, cultivate, and communicate
mission information leading to insight that inspires Kingdom service.


Core Ministries

  • Information Advocacy: Promoting the value and usefulness of information as part of the Spirit-led decision process.
  • Data Management: Helping ministries to collect, organize and manage growing amounts of data.
  • Research: Providing training, custom services and leadership/support to global research efforts.
  • Visualization: Utilizing technology tools and cutting-edge design to visualize data in a variety of forms including mapping, graphing, visual dashboards and infographics.
  • Publishing: Taking critical information and forming it into valuable products that can support ministry insight and decision making.


Examples of GMI’s Future


The Global Briefing: A 2-3 hour presentation for boards, leadership teams or ministry staff meetings that helps a group enter into the status of the Global Church and think through how they fit into the big picture.


GMI Books: A new imprint of GMI resources focused on taking powerful data and popularizing it for broader audiences who need to use the information to discern God’s direction and evaluate the Kingdom impact of their work.


Missiographics: The GMI infographics service that takes mission information and presents it in creative and compelling ways to drive application, prayer and mobilization.