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Donate How you can support the ministry of GMI.

As an evangelical faith-based ministry organization, GMI welcomes the support and involvement of others who desire to further the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.

How do I give:


It's quick. Donate instantly using your credit card.

By phone or mail?

It's easy. Mail a check or money order, or call us toll free.

What other ways can I give?

How can I support the GMI transition?

If you desire to support the GMI transition you'll be glad to know we accept donations through June.

What else should I know?

Still have questions?

That's understandable, this can be complicated stuff, but we do our best to make it safe, fast and easy. Check out these frequently asked questions about giving.

What is EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer is the best way to give online. Here are a number of questions and answers that help explain how to set up your own EFT account.

Do you mind if I check your accountability?

Not at all. If you want to be sure we are a trust worthy organization that handles your donations with the highest integrity, we encourage you to review our audited financial statements, Form 990, board governance and ECFA membership.