GMI Fellowship Program

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“Knowledge Stewardship with a Specific Focus”

No matter where in the world you might be serving, your ministry may be facing an especially difficult question or obstacle right now. Whatever that thorny issue might be, the GMI Fellowship Program aims to help you cut through it, in full dependence on God’s Spirit and with the goal of greater fruitfulness.

Through the fellowship, GMI comes alongside first to help your organization sharpen its focus on the question or obstacle you are facing. Your organization will designate a staff person (the “fellow”) that GMI will coach in researching your issue and discerning what the Lord wants you to do about it. Then, GMI will assist your organization in following His guidance toward greater Kingdom impact.

GMI’s mission and passion revolve around what we call knowledge stewardship, that is, the Spirit-led process of acquiring and insightfully using information for God’s glory and according to His purpose. This process involves gathering data, applying it to organizational decisions, and evaluating the results of those decisions. That mission and passion of knowledge stewardship guides the entire coaching process throughout the fellowship.


The GMI Fellowship Program involves a focused research project partnership between your organization and GMI. Financially, whatever project costs there might be are shared. Experience, gifts, and expertise are pooled.


GMI fellowships come in two sizes. The two-month version is called SearchLite. The one-year version is called Breakthrough. You may already know which size fits your issue, or you may discuss it with us before deciding. In either case, there is prayerful, three-way collaboration among your organization’s research fellow, your organization’s project supervisor, and your GMI research coach.


The application process is divided into four short steps to lay a healthy foundation for a fruitful fellowship project. The steps cover your choice of a research issue, your organization’s spiritual readiness, your organization’s schedule, and a clear partnership agreement, including finances and expectations. (As explained in the application, financially GMI provides a matching grant towards project costs, not including salaries.)


GMI has over 30 years of experience in various kinds of mission research, but these research partnerships are not about the research we can do. They are about what you can do by the grace of God when we come alongside to coach you.


If you are interested in prayerfully taking the first step with GMI, by all means contact GMI’s Global Engagement Director Dr. Nelson Jennings (also WeChat & Kakao Talk: jnjserve; WhatsApp: Nelson Jennings).