GMI Gives Thanks

GMI Gives Thanks A Thanksgiving gift of free resources

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As a way of saying thanks, please find several links to free resources that we offer off our site. We hope you have a happy holiday season and reflect on faith, friends and family.

Operation World Profile - Tonga

Every day Operation World has you pray for a specific country and its needs. This Thanksgiving (October 22nd, 2012) the country of the day is Tonga. GMI sells individual country profile information. Please enjoy this profile at no charge as our gift to you.


Download this free resource here. (554 KB)



Operation World Profile - Trinidad & Tobago

Some days Operation World asks everyone to pray for multiple countries on the same day. This Thanksgiving (October 22nd, 2012) was such as day. Here is the other country profile of the day for you to enjoy, learn from and pray over.


Download this free resource here. (575 KB)



Evangelical vs Population Growth Rate in Latin America

A chart displaying both the Evangelical growth rate and the population growth rate in Latin America for comparison. This data was drawn from the 7th edition of Operation World.


Download this free resource here. (275 KB)



Oceania Percent Christian

A map showing percent Christian for Australia, SE Asia and the rest of the Oceania region. This data was taken from the 7th edition of Operation World and the map was created in Mission InfoBank.


Download this free resource here. (253 KB)




God uses global prayer to change lives

Learn about how lives can be radically changed through prayer and how Operation World can be a great source to promote prayer. Video created by PrayerCast.


Watch this video here. (1:48)