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1% Club FAQ's


The 1% Club exists to connect technologists in the commercial world with fellow technologists in the world of mission so that international Christian mission is accomplished more efficiently and effectively.


If you agree with the following, you are a good candidate for the 1% Club:

  1. Good technologists are usually poor fundraisers. Those are two completely different skill sets.
  2. Average church members (like the general public) don't often understand the value of the contribution technologists make behind the scenes.
  3. There is not much financial profit in information services delivered over the web to the global mission community.

Bottom line: GMI's technologists have the odds heavily stacked against their support-raising efforts in churches.


GMI has launching the 1% Club in order to raise the level of water in the pool for all its missionary technologists, encouraging those we have and enabling others to join them on staff more quickly. 1% Club members are Christian technologists who understand and value the unique role of GMI's team of missionary technologists so much that they agree to contribute at least 1% of their annual income to support their ministry. They may also contribute some time, expertise, and connections.

Club membership eligibility requirements

1% Club members are:

  1. Technologists working in a high-tech environment, students preparing for an IT career, or people who understand technologists without being one of them.
  2. Committed to God's mission in the world, but not personally called at present to join a missionary organization.
  3. Willing and able to support technologists who are called to serve full-time in a missionary organization.

Duties of members

  1. Donate at least 1% of your salary for the direct support of the mission ministry of GMI technologists.

Privileges of membership

  1. The satisfaction of having a share in the lives of GMI's technical team and what they produce for the benefit of the global mission movement.
  2. Opportunity to contribute your expertise to GMI projects, making a difference to the kingdom.
  3. "Guest of honor" status when you come to see GMI for yourself and/or do a bit of volunteer work here. This includes free accommodation in a staff home if desired.


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