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How can I find out more about GMI's vision, mission, staff, and projects?

Read more about us on the web (especially pages and, email us at or call us at 1-800-569-6312.

How can I learn more about GMI's finances?

Read our annual report at See general financial description at Review our federal Form 990 on GuideStar at, enter "Global Mapping" in the Quick Search field and then click on Global Mapping Project, Inc.). Email your questions to our president, Mike O'Rear (

Are contributions to the 1% Club tax deductible?

Yes. All contributions to Global Mapping International for the 1% Club are fully tax-deductible, and a receipt is mailed to the donor following each contribution. GMI is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Why 1%?

We admit the percentage is a bit arbitrary: it seems to be a level that is both manageable for many professionals and significant for GMI's staff. If you can't give a significant amount of your time to missions at this time, perhaps a significant amount of money is a more realistic expression of your commitment.

Why GMI?

Surely there are also technologists working in other mission organizations. GMI's programs and products are designed to support the ministry of people in all other evangelical mission organizations, enhancing the effectiveness of their work. GMI's distinctive priority is serving missions leaders in the developing world, where both financial and information resources are extremely limited compared to the US.

How are 1% Club donations used?

GMI management allocates all 1% Club donations directly to the salaries of GMI technology staff, in an effort to bring their salaries up to the approved level (which is still well below market rate). No administrative fees are taken out of 1% Club donations; 100% of the funds received go to meet the salaries of GMI technologists. All club members receive an annual summary of 1% Club contributions and disbursements.

So, what is the current support level of the missionary technologists the 1% Club supports?

Support for GMI's full-time technologists, including singles and married staff, currently comes to an average pre-tax salary and benefit package of $30,875 per year. Obviously there is a need for additional support for these faithful, called and very committed laborers.

Why are donations needed at all for GMI technologists? Doesn't GMI make enough money from its products to pay their salaries?

GMI develops projects and products not on the basis of their commercial profitability but on the basis of their value for the cause of global mission. It is wonderful when these two criteria overlap, but often they do not, especially because our priority clientele is evangelical mission leaders in the developing world (Two-Thirds World).

Why do GMI technologists have to raise their own money? Wouldn't it make more sense to have specialist fundraisers do it for them?

It would if they were merely employees and GMI was merely a non-profit corporation; but GMI is a mission agency and all full-time program staff, including the technologists, are missionaries. Personally building and maintaining a team of prayer supporters and financial supporters is a spiritual discipline and a key part of our missionary identity. The 1% Club donations supplement the missionary support raised from other individuals and churches.

What impact do GMI technologists actually have in the world of missions?

The work of tens of thousands of missionaries, students and other Christian ministry leaders in over 100 countries is more effective as a direct result of the strategic information resources produced by GMI. Read the GMI World newsletter and our Annual Report for specific examples.

May a 1% Club member designate his or her donation for the ministry of one particular GMI staff member?

Yes, though we expect that most members will give to the salary pool that is shared by all of GMI's missionary technologists.

What is the term of 1% Club membership?

One year. We suggest renewals by October 1st for the following year.

Is it 1% of my salary before or after taxes?

Whichever. It's not for us to make that call (see Luke 12:13-15).

Does GMI offer EFT (electronic funds transfer)?

Yes, EFT services are available; contact Laura for details.

Are there ways for me to give GMI advice or hands-on assistance in my field?

We definitely have opportunities both for work done remotely and on short visits at key times in a project. Please make your availability - interests, expertise and time frame - known to Bill Dickson, Vice President for Research and Development (

Does GMI provide ski trip packages to Colorado for 1% Club members?

No, the IRS has certain reservations about such arrangements. However, what is legal and gladly provided is accommodation in our homes for GMI visitors. (And our homes are 90 minutes from the ski slopes. Advice is free.)


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