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Because the people of God invested in GMI's
"Behind the scenes" ministry …

Missionaries in the Islamic World
have immediate, affordable, and inconspicuous access to some of the very best recent books and articles on Islam and Christian mission in the Islamic context. Created by GMI the previous year in partnership with ISIC, Lausanne, and Fuller Seminary, The World of Islam CD-ROM came into great demand following September 11. Nearly 10,000 copies are in use.
The Unreached Peoples of China
are no longer hidden. Luis Bush recently reported on the incredible missions vision of top leaders of Chinese house church networks, saying they are calling for 100,000 Chinese missionaries. For the first time, profiles, maps, and photographs of all the unreached peoples of China are available. GMI created the CD-ROM of Paul Hattaway’s 700-page book, Operation China. Nearly 2000 copies of the CD are already in use.
Church and Mission Leaders in 100 Countries
have the most accurate, up-to-date picture of the locations and evangelization status of all the world’s unreached people groups. Top leadership of most of the national evangelical fellowships around the world are using the PeoplesFile CD-ROM, created by GMI, with invaluable help from Wycliffe Bible Translators. Nearly 2500 copies are in use.
Strategic Alliances with Overseas Partners
made possible an international ministry tailored for local missions groups around the world. GMI encourages and works closely with like-minded missionary partners in Singapore, Korea, Nigeria, India, Brazil, and Egypt. Together, we conduct mission research, publish and distribute information resources, and hold training workshops.
GMI produces and presents world-class research
that fuels emerging mission movements and leaders.


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