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Global Mapping International

Local Christians and Missionaries
are growing toward more effective and appropriate ministry through applied research, cultural profiles of unreached peoples, and other new ideas. GMI’s Breakthrough Training coaches practitioners through practical research projects; Listen First, Speak Later coordinates field research of the cultural proverbs and sayings (such as the North Indian booklet pictured); and Seedbed is an emerging movement stimulating mission innovation.
Mission Strategists and Directors
explore and track the progress of world evangelization through a comprehensive computerized mapping and database system. Most of the church and mission leaders around the world who use strategic ministry maps rely on GMI. This year, GMI’s cartographic team devoted themselves to updating and enhancing their digital maps in preparation for a landmark upgrade to the Global Ministry Mapping System (mapping software package).
Intercessors, Mission Pastors and Mobilizers
have immediate access, at the click of a mouse, to the latest and best global missions information in textual profiles, database tables, and maps of every country. In partnership with Paternoster, Patrick Johnstone, and Jason Mandryk, GMI created the CD-ROM version of the new Operation World and is distributing it throughout the Two-Thirds World at truly affordable prices. Over 10,000 copies are in use around the world.
A Growing Worldwide Community
has unprecedented access to mission information resources via the Web. The Operation World website ( provides information, prayer requests and web links about every country. MisLinks ( provides links to mission information and resources. GMI’s homepage ( provides access to mission research and mapping resources. GMI created the Operation World site with Patrick Johnstone, Jason Mandryk, and Michael Jaffarian; GMI assists Scott Moreau in the development of MisLinks. Together, pages from these websites are viewed nearly 3000 times a day by users around the world.


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