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To produce and present world-class research that
fuels emerging mission movements and leaders

Pastors and professors communicate the reality of world mission

Tens of thousands of church members and college students each year have their eyes opened to world mission through profiles and maps such as those found in the Operation China and WorldVue CD-ROMs, as well as through wall maps and overhead transparencies, and booklets. This year, Global Mapping created WorldVue to give immediate access to major collections of maps in a variety of digital formats, ready to use for all kinds of mission publications.

Partners multiply the impact of mission research internationally

A group of outstanding national ministries and ministry leaders in Singapore, Korea, Nigeria, India, Brazil, England, and Egypt works collaboratively to develop a wide spectrum of cuttingedge mission research. Maintaining these partnerships has been a key concern of Global Mapping International this year, as it is every year. We are delighted and honored to partner with these like-minded ministries as they serve God in areas such as mission research, training, and mobilization.

Mission strategists get the best possible mapping resources

Over 500 mission ministries in 40 countries depend on the Global Ministry Mapping System to research, plan, manage, and communicate the work of their specific missionaries and partners. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right map can be worth 10,000. Global Mapping’s largest project this year was the complete upgrading of the mapping system—powerful new software integrated with detailed digital maps and huge new mission databases.

Innovators prepare for a new mission era

A sense of crisis and opportunity pervades mission today. Drastic changes in our world are requiring drastic changes in mission structures and strategies. This year Global Mapping convened consultations in London and Chicago leading to the formation of a new international network called Seedbed, dedicated to encouraging innovation and discovery by and for the global mission community. See


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