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Leaders apply new tools for more effective ministry

Today’s computer technology offers great promise to enhance the effectiveness of ministry research, planning, and management. But the technology does not serve God’s purposes if it is either used too little or trusted too much. Global Mapping provides specialized training, technical support, and consulting to key leaders around the world—training trainers—so they can harness the technology in appropriate ways as they follow the Spirit’s leading. At right, GMI cartographers train Central Africa Missions Network leaders in developing computerized maps that support their evangelistic strategies for the unreached villages of Cameroon.

Present and future missionaries learn how to minister better

The vital information published in such resources as The World of Islam CD-ROM and Operation World CD-ROM continues to provide invaluable insight for practitioners on the field and mission students in the classroom. With a primary focus on serving mission in the developing world, this year Global Mapping distributed an additional 1,957 World of Islam CDs (produced in 2000) and 1,628 Operation World CDs (produced in 2001).

Intercessors, mobilizers, and researchers stay informed

Nearly 3,000 times a day someone accesses information on three GMI-related websites, which are constantly updated:

  • Global Mapping’s home site ( offers access to mission research and mapping resources.
  • The Operation World site ( gives prayer updates for every country.
  • MisLinks (, co-authored with Scott Moreau of Wheaton Graduate School, links to a vast array of mission resources on the Web.


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