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Global Mapping International receives

inaugural Henry Parsons Crowell Award

Global Mapping International (GMI) has been honored as the first recipient of the Henry Parsons Crowell Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Extension of Evangelical Christianity.

The Henry Parsons Crowell and Susan Coleman Crowell Trust gave the award in recognition of the development of significant and innovative programs to enhance the effectiveness of missions, leadership training, and evangelism. A $50,000 check accompanied the award.

The award was presented to GMI's president, Mike O'Rear, at a dinner attended by Christian leaders from around the country celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Crowell Trust. Guest speaker, Dr. Joseph Stowell, president of Moody Bible Institute, expressed his gratitude for the significant part The Crowell Trust has played in the development of Moody.

In giving the award, Dr. Edwin L. Frizen, chairman of the Crowell Trustees, highlighted GMI's contributions to CD-ROM publishing. "More than ever, Christian missionaries need access to the right information at the right time, in an affordable and portable format," he said. "GMI's CDs provide mission leaders with an entire library of relevant information that is easy to search and store."

Among GMI's widely distributed CD-ROMs are Operation World and The World of Islam, with a combined circulation of 23,000 copies. Users throughout the international Christian community have expressed appreciation for these valuable yet inexpensive resources.

Commenting on receiving the award, Mr. O'Rear said, "This comes as a complete surprise to us! What an encouragement, what a difference this will make in strengthening our ability to partner with others to provide strategic information for church and mission leaders."

Global Mapping International, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, uses research and technology to create resources that fuel emerging mission movements and leaders. Founded in 1983, GMI focuses on serving evangelical mission leaders in the developing world. More information about GMI is available at

The Henry Parsons Crowell Award was established to recognize the significant contributions of the entrepreneurial founder of The Quaker Oats Company as well as to encourage others to follow his example. During the 40 years he served as chairman of the board of Moody Bible Institute, he consistently gave 65% of his income to Christian ministry. Mr. Crowell's life and vision are the focus of Cereal Tycoon, the biography by Joe Musser. More information about The Crowell Trust can be found at

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