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The Church knows better than ever before who the unreached peoples are and where they are. But how to reach them -- that is the question on your heart and ours.

Part of the answer may lie in our new "Listen First, Speak Later" project, which began in late 1997 with a start-up grant from EFMA. The project will develop a new model for pre-evangelistic approaches to the world's least evangelized people groups, including many in restricted countries. The model focuses on the task of researching and writing short booklets in simple English about a particular culture based on its traditional proverbs and stories. Through this research process, Christians enter the culture in a "listen first" mode; that is, a non-threatening way of engaging local people in conversation about the things that matter most to them.

In the resulting booklets the proverbs will be selected and organized according to a standard outline to communicate a great deal about the worldview and values of that culture. The "Listen First, Speak Later" booklets can serve as general cultural orientation for evangelists and provide many specific starting points for evangelistic conversations. Having listened well, evangelists can speak appropriately.

What does GMI bring to the process? The concept and a model booklet. The model booklet, published in October 1998, is called The ABC's of American Culture. The author, Dr. Stan Nussbaum, is GMI's Mission Trainer and Consultant.

The networking begins today as you read this article. Please contact Dr. Stan Nussbaum at GMI if you are already doing something at all similar to "Listen First, Speak Later" or if you see this as a new possibility that could help you move ahead with the work to which God has called you. We would love to help you learn how to "listen first and speak later."

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