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Current Ministry Programs

The GMI team is devoted to research and information technology programs in support of Christian mission ministries around the world. To learn more, simply click on a program below.

Research Services & Training

Conducting research projects for missions ministries; advising and coaching others in planning and conducting their own applied mission research.

GMI Research Services

Client research, syndicated research and collaborative research projects for the evangelical missions world, to better understand your ministry environment and impact, and make informed decisions.

Breakthrough Coaching

Personalized coaching via email to facilitate the planning and implementation of field mission research projects, based on Stan Nussbaum's book Breakthrough!.


A cooperative survey of field missionaries designed to reveal key factors that impact missionary engagement.

Fruitful Practices

Researching best practices in church planting among cross-cultural teams in unreached areas.


Identifying key ssues bearing on the effectiveness of the life and ministry of mission agency field leaders.

Oxford Initiative

Exploring issues involved in the international, cross-cultural sharing of financial resources in mission, to facilitate better partnerships.

Mapping Software & Services

Developing and providing digital geographic mapping tools, data sets and training for international mission applications; providing custom mapping services for missions ministries; publishing missions maps.

Custom Mapping for Missions

Designing and producing geographic maps to meet specific needs of churches, ministries, mission agencies and individuals.

Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS)

Powerful digital mapping software (GIS) for the international missions community, based on ESRI's ArcView, with a wide array of geographic data sets (digital maps) and international databases.

WorldVue CD-ROM

Over 500 maps and graphs in popular digital graphics formats designed for a variety of missions applications.

Language Mapping Project

Comprehensive geographic data set of the locations of the world's nearly 7,000 ethno-linguistic peoples; also see the related World Language Mapping System.

The Future of the Worldwide Church

A collaborative project with Patrick Johnstone to produce a graphics-based book and DVD focused on identifying and interpreting global trends.

Geographic Mapping Training

Week-long, intensive, hands-on workshops focused on developing digital mapping skills, based on the Global Ministry Mapping System.

Populated Places Database

Combining geographic information from six major databases to produce a comprehensive listing of the world's cities, towns and villages.

Seamless Digital Chart of the World

A globally seamless adaptation of the Digital Chart of the World (Vector Map Level 0, Edition 5) in ESRI shapefile format, with country polygons and updated first-level subdivisions of countries.

Mission Information Publishing

Publishing mission information and research resources in print, on DVD & CD-ROM and on the Web. Order GMI resources from the online store.





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