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Staff Team

Bill Dickson -- vice president; as GMI's chief technology officer, Bill directs GMI's technology research & development projects, advises GMI's staff and partners in information technology decisions, and provides quality assurance for GMI's digital products.

Ken Harder -- capacity development facilitator, providing leadership development, coaching, curriculum development and evaluation services.

Kathy Lannon -- database programmer/analyst; doing extensive database work as well as developing installation software for GMI's CD-ROMs.

George McFall -- mission research and mapping (TEAM missionary on assignment with GMI).

Jim McGee -- mission research specialist, leads GMI Research Services, helping ministries listen to their constituents and develop more effective strategies and communications through surveys, focus groups and data analysis; and serves as EFMA Senior Associate for Research.

Loren Muehlius -- computer cartographer; developing GMI's global geographic databases, providing technical support and training for users of the Global Ministry Mapping System, and making maps for others.

Bryan Nicholson - cartographer, provides custom research and mapping services for Christian ministries.

Stan Nussbaum -- staff missiologist; the thinker and writer who assures that GMI is ministering in creative and missiologically sound ways. He coaches mission research through the Breakthrough Coaching program, and conducts missiological research, writing, and speaking.

Laura O'Rear -- accounting specialist; with responsibility for financial systems and government reporting.

Mike O'Rear -- president and CEO; his focus is on Board of Director relationships, donor relations, strategic planning, overseas associate site relationships, and overall management of GMI's ministry.

G. Michael Phillips -- senior research fellow; providing high-level guidance for GMI research efforts; Dr. Phillips is Professor of Finance at the School of Business and Economics, California State University, Northridge.

Suzanne Schorsch -- administrative support; handling order processing, shipping, and receipting.

Scott Todd -- GIS consultant; provides customized GIS consulting and sales support to U.S. organizations, particularly those better served from his base of operations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


GMI is in strategic alliance with mission research ministries in several other countries. Together, we seek to provide the best possible resources for local and regional mission needs. These include:

Brazil SEPAL
Egypt Christian Research Center
Korea Korea Research Institute for Missions
India Joshua Vision India
Nigeria Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association
Singapore Valerie Lim (mission researcher)
South Africa Inserv


If you are interested in the possibility of working with the missions ministry of GMI, please see our Opportunities page. Thank you.