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Corporate Values

The following reflect the corporate values of GMI's staff:

1. Evangelical Faith - We are deeply committed to a biblical Christian faith, lifestyle and ministry, and as such we subscribe to the World Evangelical Fellowship statement of faith. While not being exclusive in whom we serve, we ourselves are solidly evangelical and we focus on serving evangelical mission causes.

2. Missions Calling - We live out a central life-calling to cross-cultural missions, to pursue and further the cause of world evangelization, especially where Christ is least known.

3. Integrity - We continuously seek the highest standards of personal, professional and corporate integrity, seeking to honor Christ in all we are and do.

4. Servant Leadership - We are called to be a servant, to serve others diligently, faithfully, humbly and appropriately. We seek to serve the needs of others rather than pursue our own agenda. We do so, however, with keen sensitivity to the needs of the Body of Christ and the world God has called us to serve, seeking to lead appropriately.

5. Serving the "Under-served" - We are deeply committed to serving those who have the least access to information resources. Corporately, GMI's highest priority is serving evangelical mission leaders in the Developing World.

6. The Value of Information - Information has intrinsic value; to the extent it reveals truth, information is good in and of itself. While more information does not automatically lead to better ministry, we believe informed ministry tends to be better than uninformed ministry.

7. Research & Development - At our core, we live to discover new truth and to package and communicate that truth in effective new ways. We are always "pushing the envelope" of new mission research and information applications.

8. Technology Is from God - We view information technology as a gift from God, intended to further his Kingdom, and we are to harness that technology appropriately for his glory.

9. Denominational Neutrality - Within the broadly evangelical community, we are genuinely open theologically and denominationally. We appreciate the diversity within the Body of Christ and are not biased toward one particular strategy, denominational distinctive, structure or approach. We pursue opportunities to help others cooperate together and live out the unity of the Body.

10. Mission-driven - GMI seeks to be mission-driven rather than financially driven (i.e., donor-driven or market-driven). Our overarching concern is to see positive results in the people God has called us to serve.

11. Work & Life - We view our work as missions ministry; our work is intended to be deeply fulfilling and satisfying, worthy of the time investment we make in it. We work intensely, but we are not "workaholics"; we seek a balanced life, most of which is outside of GMI.

12. Personal Relationships - Personal relationships, especially within the Body of Christ, are of utmost importance. Our programs, structures, policies, processes or technologies cannot supplant, nor can they be allowed to destroy, personal relationships. Our "high tech" must be matched by "high touch".