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Spring 2000


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From the President

Auditors give GMI an A+ for fiscal responsibility

GMI's CEO appreciates hard work, financial integrity, and high standards of excellence for this mission organization.

Today is the last day of GMI's annual financial audit. For five days, one of the leading accounting firms in the nation has been in our office looking at anything and everything financial.

I know this may sound mundane, but at GMI we view this process as absolutely essential-as essential as oxygen to the body or sunlight to plants. I'm talking about accountability.

We believe the process is worth the auditors' substantial fee for several reasons.

Once again it appears the auditors will give GMI an "A+" for our financial systems and practices. How grateful I am for our accounting staff and our Board's audit committee. They insist on the highest standards and diligence in ensuring full compliance.

A special "Thank You" to Brian (our Audit Committee Chairman) and Laura (our Accounting Specialist). You're the best!

-by Mike O'Rear who has served as GMI's president since 1991.

GMI Resource Development

Strategic resource for ministry to Muslims is nearly complete

Mission groups involved with ministry to Muslims will soon have a new resource to help with their efforts. A training CD is being developed by GMI.

Christian mission work among Muslim peoples has historically been slow and difficult. Perhaps a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslim peoples will help Christian workers better minister in the Muslim world.

GMI has been working with a group of Islamic experts from the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity to create a new CD-ROM for training in this area of ministry.

This strategic resource for missionaries contains some of the very best materials-books, journal articles, seminary curriculum, photos-describing the Islamic faith and practice, as well as Muslim peoples.

The CD will be available soon at a very low price to missionaries through mission agencies, study institutes, and theological seminaries around the world. After nearly three years of cooperative work, we've almost completed this important project. Here's where you come in.

We need your help. It will take only $5,000 to finish and reproduce the CDs. Will you pray with us that needed funds will be available by mid-May? Then utilize the response form on page 7 to help with this project.

[Click here to read more about The World of Islam CD-ROM.]

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