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Spring 2000


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Mission Research Training Worldwide

Ethnographic workshop promotes mission research in India

One of GMI's goals is to keep believers informed about mission research and issues around the world by providing information such as this article by Dr. Vijayam.

Dr & Mrs BE VijayamDr. and Mrs. B.E. Vijayam were instrumental in the success of a recent ethnographic workshop in India.

Ethnography is a specialized term for the study of people groups. Facts considered in studies such as this include location, culture, and languages of the group.

An ethnographic workshop hosted by the KING Center near Hyderabad, India, brought together mission researchers from across the country for three days in February.

Topics included mission research, an overview of the people groups in India, ethnographic theory, data analysis techniques, ethnographic contour mapping, spiritual mapping, information technology, information sharing and publishing, and partnership in mission. Each presentation was followed by plenary discussion by the participants.

The workshop concluded with a follow-up session resulting in important recommendations to strengthen and enhance cooperative mission research in India. Suggestions included:

  1. The immediate launching of an email discussion group for Indian mission researchers at;
  2. Posting reports of the workshop on the Web at;
  3. A meeting of the researchers every six months;
  4. Reactivation of the existing India missions research forum for the purpose of bringing researchers together to share findings;
  5. Establishment of regional centers and a network information program; and,
  6. Validation of all research information before publication.

Church and mission agencies represented included JKPS-West Bengal, Operation AGAPE, North India Harvest Network, India Missions Association, The People of India, Evangelical Fellowship of India, Research Bihar, Youth With A Mission, ASE, Dharma Deepika, Hindustan Bible Institute, The Planters India, William Carey Research Center, and Joshua Vision India/TENT. Representatives from the USA were also present, including ICTA, Dawn Ministries, and First Fruit, Inc.

-by Dr. B.E. Vijayam Coordinator, Joshua Vision India; and Senior Associate for South Asia, Partners International.

[Editor's note: The workshop was coordinated by Prof. B.E. Vijayam of Joshua Vision India. Joshua Vision India is an indigenous project under TENT (Training for Evangelism, Needs and Technology). GMI and Joshua Vision India function in a strategic alliance to promote mission research in India.]

GMI recommends. . .

Unreached Mega Peoples of India book

Unreached Mega Peoples of India, published in August 1999 by India Missions Association, is a brilliant description of "100 groups of over a million people each." The 240-page, full-color book is the result of years of work by the Frontier Mission Centre Research Team. Inside can be found people profiles, photographs, maps, charts, statistics, and prayer points for each of the major unreached peoples of India. Price: US $20.

People India has published a set of 15 insightful mission research books on the states and peoples of India, including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Languages in India, Cities in India, Muslims in India, and Districts in India. Price is US $50 for the full set.

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