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Spring 2000


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Nigerians map God's activity

Nigeria mapping seminarNigerians met together recently from several indigenous agencies to map out what God is doing across their country.

Twenty Nigerian mission leaders from across the country met together in Jos for four days in November to begin mapping out the true story of what God is doing in their country.

From a dozen indigenous Nigerian agencies, they came to learn and share together during an intensive missions mapping workshop. Agencies represented included Baptist Mission of Nigeria, CAPRO/Calvary Ministries, Christ Apostolic Church Mission, Christian Missionary Foundation, Christian Outreach Ministries, Church Planting Part-ners International, COM Benin, Mission House International, Missionary Crusaders Ministry, Operation Reach All, and Souls Harvesters Ministries.

Each person left with powerful mapping software, extensive missions databases about Nigeria and all of Africa, and their own map creations. But more importantly they took home new skills and deep motivation to display for the world-not just for their own agency and churches-what missions is all about in their own country.

What a delight the ending ceremony was! The Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA) executive committee highlighted the time by reviewing the first fruits of the workshop: brilliant maps created by each participant showing snapshots of the progress and challenges of Nigerian missions today.

NEMA sponsored the workshop, with CAPRO staff graciously handling all the administrative tasks and two GMI staff members coming from Colorado Springs to serve as resource people. GMI and CAPRO have a strategic alliance to further mission research, publication, and training in Nigeria.

For more information on how we could help with a seminar such as this in your area, please check out our web site at or email .

Best Practices

LIGHT helps develop new outreach strategies for the church-in-the-city

Discovering Your City bookLIGHT International's founder, Bob Waymire, has co-authored a book which focuses on how churches can understand and impact their cities.

Most of the world's cities are experiencing dynamic change-from without and from within. Cities are a hodgepodge of races, cultures, languages, societies, religions, and politics.

The Information Age has brought its own set of dynamics, impacting every aspect of city and home life. The Body of Christ faces constant challenges to find effective ways to communicate the message of reconciliation and to penetrate every segment of society and neighborhood with Christ's transforming love, truth, care, joy and power.

LIGHT International (LI) is leading the way in developing research and analysis tools and processes the city church can employ for obtaining and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date, relevant picture of city and church. This church and city concept, together with commonly held vision and goals, plays a strategic role in mobilizing and equipping "the whole church to reach the whole city with the whole gospel."

LI has been involved since its inception on two basic fronts: catalyzing and developing national research functions, and helping develop national and citywide strategy initiatives.

The tools and processes LI has developed are designed to assist the church-in-the-city gain understanding of current distinctives and dynamics of the mosaic of societies, and to determine where and why the Church has been effective or ineffective in realizing a biblically-aligned transformation of lives and societies.

Tools and services LI provides include in-depth listings of data points; survey and interview procedures and forms; analysis techniques; sample maps, graphs, and tables; guidelines in managing, communicating, and applying the information; mobilizing an ongoing research function; linkages to key resource people and tools; and, consultation in research, analysis, and strategy.

For more information, contact:

LIGHT International
Box 714
Etna, CA 96027
Phone: 530-467-5373
Fax: 530-467-3686

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