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Spring 2000


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Letters to GMI

"Gospel Out or Gospel In?"-Fall/Winter '99

Thank you for the most recent GMI Info. The article by Dr. Stan Nussbaum struck a chord with me and my son-in-law in Madrid. If there are any other readings that might help expand our under-standing and your insights on this compelling issue of "Gospel Out-Gospel In" I would appreciate knowing of them. Is this the next phase of missions? I don't know, but I certainly believe that the title to the article is truly inspired.

-Don Wyckoff, retired board member, OC International, Spain

We at The Bible League, an evangelistic support agency, are aggressively focusing our resources on planting churches among unreached peoples. At the same time, our Project Philip discipleship program brings individual converts into habitual use of the Word of God that dramatically transforms lives from the inside out. With 75% non-Western staff, we wholeheartedly endorse the "Gospel In" view described by Nussbaum.

However, I cannot join those who criticize "managerial missiology." Quantitative measurement of ministry results is absolutely essential to the "Gospel In" view, and our management-by-objectives commitment is largely responsible for our ability to stay in tune with what God is doing. The problem as I observe it is that so many well meaning organizations are either unable or unwilling to measure the right things, or to manage their resources based on those measurements.

There is no contradiction between quantity and quality when evangelism and discipleship are done God's way. We have found that far from going too slow, our ministries have gone so fast we are always running to keep up. Those who are looking for a model that combines quantitative outcomes with "Gospel In" values are welcome to inquire how The Bible League does it.

-Dave Stravers, The Bible League, USA

I just finished reading your Fall/Winter 1999 GMI Info which is not only very inspiring but also timely as far as I am concerned. I was in the midst of writing a paper to meet the requirements of a class which has to do with the communication of the Gospel message when one of my professors brought in the newsletter.

I picked up the newsletter and consumed it. The main argument of the first article- "Gospel Out or Gospel In?"-so much appealed to me that I went through the entire issue.

I was indeed pleased with the article because, though I am only a dreamer compared to the advocates of "Gospel In" you listed, by the grace of God, I can say we have the same spirit.

-Stephen Asonibare, Nigeria

Thanks to your Staff

I send this to praise the efforts of [GMI staff member] Loren Muehlius. I had some problems working with maps that a colleague of mine had made. My difficulties were great and my questions were many.

I work in Thailand, so there is a 14-hour difference. Therefore I would have to send my questions via email at the end of my work day and at the start of yours. It never failed that Loren would have a very thorough set of suggestions for me when I came into work the next day. It is incredibly refreshing when someone recognizes that you need help and meets your needs.

I am well on the way to working with the GMI software now and working with the maps that my friend made. I have been really impressed with Loren's help through this matter. His help has been very valuable to the work of our ministry.

-Mac Gunnels, Journeyman, International Mission Board, SBC, Thailand

I write as chairman of Nigeria Evangelical Mission Association (NEMA) to formally acknowledge with gratitude the immense encouragement the Lord has given to the cause of missions in our country through you.

We are particularly honored as an association to have had you visit and spend quality time with trainees and leaders of mission movements last November. We saw that visit as the beginning of a long term relationship the Lord will have us share with you. We look forward to more assistance from you as we spearhead a new phase of missions thrust in our nation.

-Emmanuel Onofurho, NEMA Chairman, Nigeria

I have now had a chance to work with and through the CD that you all have put together of the DAI leadership courses in French. I am overwhelmed! I am thoroughly impressed. I don't have words to express how grateful we are for this work. You have done an extraordinary job!

I am sure this work represents countless (and thankless) hours. I feel completely powerless to convey our sincere gratitude to you all. I wish I could send an attached sound bite of a huge standing ovation! You deserve it!

On behalf of DAI and the ministry among French speaking peoples, God bless you and GMI!

-Scott Morey, Europe Director, Development Associates International, Switzerland

GMI works in a strategic alliance with DAI to create and deliver relevant educational and mentoring resources to Two-Thirds World Christian leaders.

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