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Spring 2000


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Faces at GMI

Another servant of God joins GMI's ministry team-meet Tom Dolan

Tom DolanTom Dolan prepares for extended ministry with GMI. To have a direct part in his ministry, see the response form below.

Tom Dolan is a man of God and a dedicated servant. For many years he has developed and used his skills and gifts to support Christian leaders. Missions, God's heart for all the peoples of the earth, is at the center of Tom's heart.

Now God is calling Tom (and his wife Toni and the girls) into a life of full-time international missions. Tom's commitment is to help ministry leaders throughout the world use information technology to further the gospel of Christ.

Through GMI, he will directly support hundreds of evangelical leaders by providing technical training, assistance, and problem solving.

As a faith mission agency, GMI requires Tom to develop a dedicated team of prayer and financial supporters around him. These are the people who make Tom's ministry not only possible but strong and effective.

God might be calling you to join the team to help send the Dolans. You can have a direct part in enhancing mission leader effectiveness through Tom's ministry.

For more information on how to participate, please send in the response form below and check "Tom Dolan's missionary support team" (or click here to go to Tom's home page).

ICCM. . .

Don't forget the 11th annual International Conference on Computing and Missions, June 9-13, 2000 on the campus of Taylor University (Indiana).

. .


Check all that apply to you. Clip and mail. We'll contact you.

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