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Spring 2000


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GMI Views and News
Are We There Yet?
A look at GMI and world evangelization in the year 2000
GMI invites your thoughts as we ask, "How do we best serve mission efforts at the turn of the millennium?"

"Welcome to A.D. 2000. Now what?" Thus began the January 7, 2000 issue of World Pulse. Editor Stan Guthrie goes on to say, "It's time to see how we've done and to chart what may be ahead as the missions enterprise stands at the threshold of the third millennium."

GMI is called to serve missions. In particular, the call is to ensure that ministry leaders, especially those in the Two-Thirds World, have access to the information they need-in appropriate formats, at prices they can truly afford.

Looking Back
In the past two decades, this has meant supporting highly focused plans to complete world evangelization, such as:

GMI's name and reputation during its 17-year history have been linked to databases, mapping, and technology. God has used GMI to help the church see who is where.

Looking Around

Geographically and ethnically, the "ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8) are now clearly in sight. Like never before, the good news is being proclaimed, in one form or another, in nearly every country, province, and people group.

Yet church and mission leaders seem to be saying, "We have much further yet to go than we thought."

Have you noticed the news coming from recent international conferences or the themes of recent missiological books? The emphasis in evangelical circles seems to be shifting away from global "closure" (completing universal coverage of a particular mission strategy).

Does this merely reflect our disillusionment with not completing world evangelization by the year 2000? Or is God blowing a fresh wind through his people?

The talk today among clearly evangelical leaders, is of a more holistic evangelism, of discipleship, and of biblical transformation in society.

Looking Ahead
Such talk takes us into uncharted territory. It may well require a radical rethinking of what our journey is all about (the theology, aim, and guiding principles of mission).

It certainly calls for increased investment in exploring how best to do mission person by person, situation by situation.

Having provided strategic information support for the global strategies of the past two decades, GMI is now asking, "How can we most appropriately serve missions as they rethink and research the what and the how of mission?"

GMI's Heart and Soul
"Visualizing the task of world evangelization" was GMI's early slogan. In the 21st century, we will remain committed to helping the Church see-see the world, what God is doing, and how she can join with him in his mission.

We want to support continuous innovation in mission; we have long desired to do more to further applied ministry research projects on the field; and our hearts are being drawn increasingly to the prayer, reflection, and study that lead to renewal in mission theory.

A Request
Would you do me a favor? Write me a note ( and tell me what you see. How can GMI connect with you to bring about the kinds of mission research and innovation you know the world needs?

Are we there yet? No. But God isn't done yet either; and we want to be on mission with him and with you.

- by Mike O'Rear, GMI President.

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