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Summer/Fall 2000


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Why go to all the trouble of creating a CD-ROM on the World of Islam?

Dr. J Dudley WoodberryDr. J. Dudley Woodberry of Fuller Seminary's School of World Mission, was part of the four-member editorial committee for The World of Islam CD-ROM, published in July 2000 by GMI.

Twelve militiamen burst into our home in a Central Asian country. They sat six inches from where I had hidden the books just before they ransacked our house looking for Christian literature for Muslims.

Years before we had to smuggle my Islamic library into that country and subsequently persuade a Saudi customs official to let it into Saudi Arabia. Fortunately he could not read European languages well.

Although these incidents added to our excitement, not to mention our prayer life, the first reason for The World of Islam CD-ROM is its ability to get sensitive materials into "closed" Muslim countries.

Second, for those of us who do a lot of international travel, it is easier to carry a CD-ROM in our hand luggage than be limited to
two 70-pound suitcases of books, not to mention lifting them up to the overhead bins.

Third, it increases the life of useful books—especially classics. Regularly I compile a bibliography for one of our courses on Islam at Fuller Seminary, but by the time the bookstore orders the books, some have gone out of print. Authors have expressed their appreciation for the revival the CD-ROM has given to their work.

Fourth, as overseas seminaries and Bible institutes clamor for study materials for their libraries, CDs are easily supplied. The bane of our overseas extensions and partnerships has been the need to ship books and syllabi months in advance with uncertainty about class size or their arrival. CDs can be easily carried with the professor during travel.

Fifth, there is the loneliness of study without a professor or academically knowledgeable colleagues to stimulate with ideas and guidance. Yet with a CD, the click of a mouse can trace words and ideas through dozens of books and articles.

Sixth, the CD helps foster a spirit of appreciation for the values of Islam while retaining the uniqueness and necessity of Christ, of realism without idealization or denigration, and of the practical as well as the academic.

Finally, the CD-ROM expresses the value of partnership—GMI, Servants Fellowship International, the Lausanne Committee, and Fuller Theological Seminary— cooperating to do what would have been difficult, if not impossible, for any one organization to do alone.

The only drawback? We did not make the CD out of cookie dough so that the next time the militia comes searching our home for sensitive materials we could eat them.

—by Dr. J. Dudley Woodberry, Professor of Islamic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.

World of Islam CD-ROMTo learn more about The World of Islam CD, see the enclosed Resource Catalog or check out the web site at

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