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Summer/Fall 2000


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From the President

Thank you for making The World of Islam CD a reality

Mike O'RearGMI's CEO appreciates the prayer and financial support to make dreams realities like the new World of Islam CD.

Thank you! In the last issue of GMI World we asked for your prayers and support to finish The World of Islam CD-ROM. So many of you responded with your prayers, encouragement, financial support, and suggestions. Not only did the CD get finished, over 8000 copies have already been ordered by people around the world!

In recent years GMI has produced a variety of CDs full of strategic mission information. We've helped other ministries produce their own CDs as well. (You can read about the WEF CD on page 4.) This is a significant way we live out our mission of ensuring Christian leaders, especially in the developing world, get realistic access to the information they need to minister more effectively.

GMI has always been about mission research. It is information-or more specifically, the insight that strategic information brings and the increased effectiveness that can result-that has been at the core of GMI since our beginning in 1983.

Today we partner with others to increase the breadth and depth of that international ministry of research and evaluation, to help the church better see and understand God's work in the world.

Whether the output is maps, CDs, or booklets, the goal is the same: to ensure better access to better information for better mission.

-by Mike O'Rear.

GMI Resource Development

PeoplesFile-coming soon to a desktop near you

PeoplesFile logoPeoplesFile is a new CD, soon to be released by GMI. This resource will provide information about people groups around the world.

Are you looking for information on an obscure unreached people group? Have you wondered if they have the Bible in their own language or if a copy of the Jesus Film is available for them?

PeoplesFile brings together the fruit of years of excellent research and information sharing in the mission community about the world's more than 7,000 ethnolinguistic peoples. Churches, schools, and mission agencies will use the upcoming CD in ministry planning, as a prayer guide, and as a reference for research papers.

This strategic new mission resource will include:

All data on the CD is fully word indexed, with additional features allowing searches to find related languages or query specific data fields.

We hope to make the CD available by the end of the year for under $50 (less for indigenous leaders in the Two-Thirds World). Check our web site,, for current updates.

Finishing a new missions CD can sometimes be unexpectedly difficult. Pray with us for the timely completion of this project. Could you assist with a portion of the estimated $4,000 cost of getting the CD into production? Use the response form on page 7 to let us know of your prayer and support for this effort.

-by Bill Dickson, Vice President, Research and Development.

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