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Summer/Fall 2000


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GMI Ministry

GMI facilitates the fulfillment of a vision to provide Christian resources around the world

Demonstration of WEF's new CD
Jim Stamoolis, middle, demonstrates WEF's new CD library at the Amsterdam 2000 conference. The CD contains over 66 theological works.

I had a dream. I could envision providing the treasure chest of materials I had at my fingertips to peoples around the world, but had no idea how to do so cost effec-tively with a wide circulation. That's when I turned to GMI.

I work with World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) as part of its Theological Commission. We had back issues of journals which were largely inaccessible, five major books that were unavailable or out of print, and pamphlets that represented some of the best thinking on critical subjects.

GMI's advice broadened my vision. Through their counsel regarding digital publishing, I learned that all of the journals, books, and pamphlets could be published on one CD-ROM! I was definitely interested.

The first step was to develop a prototype CD with a few issues of the journal, one major book, and some pamphlets. Doing this would allow WEF to take a look at what could be done and would provide a sample of what the finished product would be like.

With the prototype, I could then begin the process to raise the financial backing for the project. The team at GMI even helped me set a realistic cost estimate for the completed project. It was an exciting day when the prototype arrived-a dream realized.

My vision of providing resources for Christians around the world was fulfilled on a scale that I could not have envisioned 24 months before. Not only did the entire 23 years of The Evangelical Review of Theology become readily available again, but books on the themes of worship, prayer, justification, contextualization, and interpretation were, in effect, reissued.

In cooperation with the American Bible Society, we were able to add several Bibles to the CD in various languages. Logos produced the CD for us, adding biblical resources from their list. In all, over 66 works became available on one CD-ROM. Believe it or not, the CD was only half full.

Thanks to GMI for the expertise available to help WEF accomplish its ministry. The CD was produced in time for distribution at the Amsterdam 2000 conference. There, The World Evangelical Fellowship Resource Library for Amsterdam 2000 was distributed to over 10,000 people from 209 countries. Just two short years ago, I couldn't have believed it possible.

We rejoice in the partnership with GMI-a wonderful resource, not only to the WEF family, but to the church around the world. I encourage you to explore how you might partner with GMI in developing your ministry's vision.

-by Jim Stamoolis, WEF Theological Commission.

WEF Theological Commission launches CD-ROM Resource Library

Following on the warm reception of the World Evangelical Fellowship Resource Library for Amsterdam 2000, it was natural to release the resource for general distribution. It was always planned that The Evangelical Review of Theology and the other publications of the Theological Commission would be made available to libraries, professors, and students.

Therefore, WEF is pleased to announce the World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Resource Library, version 1.0. Everything that was on the Amsterdam disk will be included on this new disk, with the exception of one title that was only available to WEF to put on the CD-ROM distributed at Amsterdam 2000. The retail price is $49.95. Discounts are available for quantity purchases.

Packaged with the WEF CD is the Logos Scholars Library. This CD-ROM has on it a Greek New Testament text and a Hebrew Old Testament text, to enable students to use the original languages as well as many other Biblical and Theological resources. The materials on the Logos CD can be unlocked for a special discounted price payable directly to Logos.

For further information contact:

World Evangelical Fellowship
North American Office
P.O. Box WEF
Wheaton, IL 60189 USA
phone: + 1-630-668-0440
fax: +1-630-668-0498
email: WEF-NA@XC.Org

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