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Summer/Fall 2000


GMI World is the new name for GMI Info

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GMI's web site - Your source for missions research and mapping:

Free "map of the week" program begins October 30

sample free map of the week
Download a different map each week to share fresh mission insight with your church's worship service or Sunday school, your weekly Bible study, or college class.

Churches, mission agencies, Bible institutes, and seminaries are finding that the use of maps is an ideal way to bring fresh new mission insight to their people and programs.

Did you know that you can get a different missions map each week absolutely free? Simply go to GMI's web site,, and download the free map of the week. Permission is given for the maps to be duplicated and distributed for non-commercial Christian ministry purposes.

The maps are available in Adobe Acrobat format (ideal for printing directly onto paper or overhead transparency) and Windows metafile format (ideal for pasting into word processing documents or graphics presentations). All are in ZIP files to minimize download time.

A sample map is shown (right). This is only one variety of the maps offered by GMI. Check out the table below to discover when you may download each of GMI's free maps.

Free Map Download Schedule
Week Offered
Map Title
Percent and Growth Rate of Evangelicals
What Are the Fastest Growing Religions?
Concentration of Muslims and Christians
An Australian's Perspective of the World
Percent Unchurched in the U.S.A.
Major Muslim Groups of Central Asia
The Book Famine in Africa
3 Religious Blocks and the 10/40 Window
From Where Are the Missionaries Sent?
China Province Population
Minorities as a Majority
India: Literacy Rate by State
Islam and the 10/40 Window

Free maps are only available through the web site.

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