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Summer/Fall 2000


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Faces at GMI

Meet Karen Hanson—GMI's Administrative Coordinator

Karen HansonKaren Hanson joined the GMI team in February. This mother of three also runs an Internet business featuring Karen's own basket designs.

A local pastor calls the GMI office for information on a map of Nigeria. The friendly voice answering the call is most likely the newest addition to GMI's staff—meet Karen Hanson.

Karen joined the GMI staff in February as Assistant to the President and Administrative Coordinator. If the name sounds familiar, it is because her husband, Bruce, has been a volunteer cartographer for GMI for the past seven years. In addition to Bruce, the Hanson family includes Katie (20), Matt (18), and Christopher (16). They are surrounded by an assortment of animals (who are part of the family!): Golden Retrievers, cats, quarter horses, and chickens.

In Karen's free time, she enjoys entertaining, decorating, reading, and sewing. She and a business partner also run an Internet business which features sympathy and get well gift baskets designed by Karen.

Karen said that she doesn't like being bored. With the addition of her responsibilities at GMI to her already full schedule, she will never have to worry about that!

10/40 Window Survey

TMQ Research is doing an extensive survey of workers in the 10/40 Window. To date, there has never been an empirical study of the effectiveness of work and ministry in Creative Access Nations. They need employees, missionaries, and others who have lived, worked, or ministered in the 10/40 Window to share their experiences with them. Those who have lived there a short while and intend to reside there long term are encouraged to participate.

TMQ has set up a Web site to download the survey: The password, a hard copy of the survey, or more information may be obtained by writing to Patrick at

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