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Spring 2001


GMI World is the new name for GMI Info

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From the President

GMI's heart- to cooperate with God's mission for the world

GMI is in the research business, not in the ivory tower sense but right down at the level of mission where the rubber meets the road.

Since our beginning in 1983, we have been about finding, compiling, and making available mission information and insight. We partner with those who love what we love-the never-ending quest for more effective and appropriate church and mission work around the world.

In recent years we have focused much of our attention on the publishing of research information (mostly through CD-ROMs and maps) and the mentoring of others (with the Applied Research Training and Listen First, Speak Later programs).

Now we are excited to be joining with others in a new collaborative effort to enhance evaluation and research skills in international ministries (see page 3 for more information).

GMI's core passion hasn't changed: to assist evangelical leaders-especially those in the developing world-to access, use, and share strategic mission information. We seek to help the Church do better because it can see better: see what God is doing, see the people in his world, and see how his people can better cooperate with him in his mission.

-by Mike O'Rear.

GMI's president loves to connect with other people who care about missions information, research, and service around the world. Contact him at [email protected].

GMI Current Project

Next-Generation Operation World

Patrick Johnstone authors the Operation World books. This year GMI will put Operation World 2001 on CD-ROM for ease of use, Web links, and computer searches. With your help indigenous leaders will have the latest global missions information

Patrick Johnstone is nearly finished with a complete update of his incredible world missions prayer guide. To be published this fall, Operation World 2001 represents the single best (most affordable, most useable, most reliable) sourcebook for evangelicals committed to understanding and praying for the world.

As with the previous edition, GMI has been asked to produce a companion CD-ROM, enhancing the printed book in several ways.

That is why we are delighted to undertake this project.

You can make a difference!

You can help ensure that Christian leaders around the world _ even in the poorest countries _ get the new Operation World. Our goal is to deliver the CD to 2000 leaders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Because of special arrangements with the author and publisher, it will cost GMI only $10 per copy to complete the project and deliver that many CDs overseas. Will you pray with us?

Will you consider helping financially? 100% of contributions marked "Operation World CD" will go to this project. Contact us here at GMI or use the Response Form on page 7. Thank you.

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