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Spring 2001


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Faces at GMI

GMI says "good-bye" to Mark Patterson after 13 years of service

GMI 13-year veteran Mark Patterson and his family will soon move to England for a new position with Frontiers.

Most of the readers of the GMI World newsletter have benefited directly from the ministry of Mark Patterson over the years-even though you probably never knew it.

Starting in the mid-1980s, Mark was one of the pioneers of harnessing electronic communications for missions, including vital roles in the early development of CrossConnect (which later became MAFxc).

Mark has contributed significantly to practically every CD-ROM GMI has published-planning and managing projects, writing user's guides, doing extensive technical data processing, coordinating relationships with content providers, testing, marketing, training, and providing on-demand technical support. He's done it all!

All the while, Mark served as GMI's computer system administrator, enabling the rest of us to get our work done. He has kept the office-wide LAN operating at peak efficiency, ensured security and virus protection, and always had time to help us figure out how to make the computers do what they were supposed to do.

But it is his heart for God, his depth of spiritual passion, and his unique blend of spiritual insight that we've benefited from the most.

Now, after giving Mark to GMI for more than 13 years, God has moved him to a position that unites his passion for the Muslim world with his skills and interest in
electronic communications: Mark will direct a team in the UK that is designing and building a secure communications system for Frontiers, a ministry to Muslims.

We encourage you to express your appreciation to Mark and to consider supporting the Pattersons as they move to England to begin this new chapter of ministry. Write to him at

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