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Spring 2001


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Contemporary Mission Issues

GMI representative participates in WEF mission consultation in England

Stan Nussbaum, GMI's staff missiologist, represents GMI on a WEF task force on world mission issues and theories.

Do global consultations affect the way mission gets done? Short answer-not necessarily.

That is why the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) is working seriously at the follow-up of their global consultation which was held in Brazil in October 1999. In January a task force of 17 people from 14 countries met near London to reflect on the issues raised in Brazil, to consider which ones to take further, and to begin doing so.

Participants in this task force are not primarily the high profile speakers and writers who addressed the Brazil consultation. Rather, most are mission trainers and/or administrators who are distressed that excellent missiological theories (such as contextualization) are rarely and poorly translated into practice.

Reflecting on the Brazil consultation, the task force concluded that an excellent start had been made on issues such as the Trinitarian basis of missiology, the relation between suffering and mission, the challenge of post-modernity, and the importance of spiritual warfare.

But all this good work, which has just been published by WEF under the title Global Missiology for the 21st Century, must not be allowed to run out into the sand. Jesus is far more pleased with the two things we actually do than the ten great theories we endorse.

GMI strongly shares WEF's concern for follow-through on Brazil and is glad to be represented in this ongoing task force by our staff missiologist, Stan Nussbaum. Do global consultations affect the way mission gets done? We pray that this one will, and we put our efforts where our prayers are.

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