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Spring/Summer 2002


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Faces at GMI

Tony Caito maps the way for missions

The most recent full-time staff addition to GMI is mission cartographer Tony Caito. Tony hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. His wife, Alicia, is from Eastern Tennessee where they met. The Caitos have a ten-month-old son, Jackson.

Tony's love for maps and strategic mission work helps him create custom maps for mission agencies and churches, conduct mission research, and help produce CD-ROMs of mission information. He also contributes to GMI's website design work.

Before coming to GMI, Tony completed three years of the Missionary Aviation program at

Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois and Elizabethton, Tennessee and earned his aircraft mechanics license. He then finished his Bible/Missions degree with a missionary aviation maintenance minor at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tony's commitment to mission was fueled by a strong Christian family who introduced him to great Christian examples as a result of missionaries frequenting their home.

Tony has always been involved in sports. He currently plays in a men's volleyball league and has played hockey and softball.

He loves the work atmosphere at GMI and the people with whom he gets to work.

Tony Caito is GMI's most recent staff addition.

GMI Current Project

Developing a tool for international student ministries

Ten cartoons by Kathleen Webb will spice up the new "international students' edition" of Stan Nussbaum's booklet, The ABCs of American Culture (see, to be published later this year. GMI friends at International Students Incorporated, the Navigators, and InterVarsity are advising us on the changes that will make the new version most useful to them.

This new tool (a "lite" version of the ABCs booklet) is designed as a giveaway book that Christians can use to befriend international students and engage them in conversations about American values.

The book is sprinkled throughout with about 60 "Ask an American" questions, such as, "My book says that success, self-esteem, and fun are three of the most important things in American life. What do you think about that? How true is it for your friends?"

As a Christian answers these questions, the international student hears, perhaps for the first time, how Christian faith affects everyday life from top to bottom.

Watch the GMI web site or our next newsletter for a publication announcement. Meanwhile, start counting your international acquaintances (students, businessmen, etc.) and tally up how many copies you will want to order.

This cartoon is one example of the kinds of cartoons by Kathleen Webb which will be included in a "lite" version of Stan Nussbaum's booklet The ABCs of American Culture.

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