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Winter 2002


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From the President

God's "just-in-time" delivery

GMI is a "small shop." Typically, there are eight to ten of us here-on a good day. So when we agreed to produce the CD-ROM version of Operation World in two months, we knew it would be a real stretch. We would include the full text of the book, new "prayer summaries" for every page, full database system, search engine, navigation, help system, and over a million hot-links- all tested on a zillion different computer configurations.

As we scrambled to cope, Patrick Johnstone called us from England. Would we consider developing the Operation World web site as well? And could we have it ready at the same time as the CD? This was perhaps as close as I have come to Abraham's experience at Mt. Moriah. Clearly God had called us to do this. Clearly we did not have the essential resources. Then, just in the nick of time, God brought to us-seemingly out of nowhere-

incredibly gifted and dedicated reinforcements (see the photo on page 7). Our office team suddenly swelled to 23 people, in and out, working often at a frantic pace. But what joy and camaraderie there was! And what a God-honoring marvel that the CD (see next page) and the web site (see below) were both completed on schedule! Thank you to Patrick Johnstone and co-author Jason Mandryk for giving us this opportunity to experience God's gracious providence in such a memorable way.

President Mike O'Rear is encouraged by God's timing and providence.

GMI Current Project

New web site developed at

Even if you've never"surfed the web," now is a great time to "hang ten" and see how to use the web to pray

The official Operation World site is up on the web and just begging to be added to your “Favorites” list. At you can:

  • Check the daily prayer focus (or cleverly ask your kids to check it and tell you one interesting thing they found on today’s page);
  • Learn more by clicking on any of the live web links;
  • Use the feedback form to suggest additional sites to link to or to submit updated information directly to the authors-they seriously consider all submissions;
  • Read the verified corrections and updates to the book; and,
  • Learn about and purchase the full array of Operation World resources (see page 3).

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